Nathan West - Owner


The Owner of Riverwest Technology Management, Nathan West has over 20 years experience in the Audio Visual Hospitality Industry. He started in hotel av in 1990 and was soon elevated to Director of Audio Visual.  As a DAV, Looking to increase sales Nathan re-thought how the Hotel provided Audio Visual  –  soon after he was servicing meetings and conferences offsite at the Convention Center  next door and other local convention hotels.  IOWs he looked at the Hotel Audio Visual Department as a AV Company and didn’t limit their services to a single hotel. 

He directed the department to record sales and profits over the next four years.  Nathan noticed there was great opportunity in the audio visual market of providing high level  branded hospitality services - to fill the gap that outside AV companies were not servicing.   In 2001, Nathan and another Hotel DAV left their positions at their hotels and started Riverwest Technology Management.
 The focus from the start has been to provide quality audio visual services that are customer centric as well as priced to accommodate most budgets.

Over the years, Riverwest has grown from a few employees in a single room office, to currently supporting in excess of $2,000,000 per year providing Audio Visual Services.  We have over 4 full time employees, and a network of industry partners - supporting meetings of all scopes and sizes in the United States, Europe and Asia. Our portfolio includes many Fortune 50 firms that include Healthcare, Medical and Research Leaders, as well as major Educational throught leaders.

Riverwest’s success is purely relationship based.  Riverwest endeavors to become a valued  and trusted business partner -  providing value and quality, on-site and off-site.  Riverwest is a small but high service company built on hard work, dedication and commitment.

What We Do: Riverwest was established to help organizations tell their story. The Riverwest Team averages over 20 years each of experience  in supplying audio visual services in a professional environment delivered with a core customer centric philosophy. We enjoy outstanding relationships with our clients and maintain a client retention rate well above 90%. Call us toll-free at 1-877-295-8510

Our Mission:To make technology simple and seamless to our customers; to provide exceptional hospitality and customer care; to keep our budgets and clients aligned; and above all to allow each customer the opportunity to exceed their expectations.  

Riverwest will always : Provide you with the same contact person for all audio visual services 

• Exceed your expectations on every show .

• Provide every client with a business friendly,  superior customer service experience .